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Human Factors of Engine Piston Perforation


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Human Factors of Engine Piston Perforation


Someone mentioned “engine piston perforation occurred in Tianlong truck. Many people know that the current engine reinforcement is very high and the current Renault engine that is applied in Tianlong truck already adopted discriptors articulated piston with steel head and aluminium skirt. But the steel head piston is still perforated, what is the reason?

From the picture, we can see that the steel head of piston in the fifth cylinder has an aperture and the piston surface is full of carbon deposit. At first, it is suspected that the lubricating nipple may have oil leakage problem and it results in over-temperature of piston head, thus leading to perforation. Six injectors were sent for inspection and the results showed that they were all in good working state, so it indicates that this is not a failure caused by the truck itself, but human factors.

Since it is not caused by injectors and quality of piston, this failure becomes very typical. From inquires, it was learned that this truck runs along Sichuan-Yunnan and this way has many steep slopes, so the engine load is large. But this is not a sufficient reason for perforation of steel head piston.

According to fault phenomenon, the driver often keeps the engine in a state of high gear and low rotational speed during the climbing process. We all know that when the truck is in such state, the engine will generate excess load and long term over-load state will perforate the steel head piston. The driver paid the price for this fault.

From this case, we can see that some long-term wrong operation will add up and finally results in truck failure. Only correct operation can avoid these problems and can create more benefits for us.

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