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Introduction of Engine Piston


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Introduction of Engine Piston


Engine is like the “heart” of the automobile while piston is the “center” of engine. The interior of piston is hollow design and it is like a hat. Two round holes of two sides connect with the piston pin and the piston pin connects with the small end of connecting rod, while large end of connecting rod connects with the bent axle, which transfers reciprocating motion of the piston into circular motion of the bent axle.


A piston ring is installed in the skirt-shaped body location of each piston. The role of piston ring is to scrape excessive lubricating oil on the cylinder wall and make the distribution of lubricating oil more even. Currently, the most widely used piston ring materials include quality gray iron, ductile cast iron, alloy cast iron, etc.


Besides, the surface processing of different piston rings is also different due to the difference in location. The outer round surface of the first piston ring is often chrome plated or mo-sprayed, with the purpose of improving lubricating degree and abrasive resistance of piston ring. Other piston rings are tin plated or Parkerizing, with the aim of improving abrasion resistance.

Due to difference in working condition of each internal piston, the coking degree of each piston is different.

Coking of Piston Top

If the piston ring is not installed well or the sealing condition is not good, the engine oil on the cylinder wall will flow upward to the combustion chamber and burn with gas mixture, which will cause engine oil burning. If the fit clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too small or the piston ring is stuck in the ring groove due to coking, the reciprocating motion of piston may damage the cylinder wall and leave deep scratch, that is, cylinder scuffing. Groove on the cylinder wall will result in bad sealing and it will also cause engine oil burning. In order to keep the engine in a good running condition, it is very important to check the working condition of pistons and avoid the occurrence of the listed conditions.

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