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The Reasons of blockage of engine oil filter


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The Reasons of blockage of engine oil filter


The so-called premature blockage of oil filter is a sign of failure in an engine. In this case, the filter itself is an important diagnosis tool. You can see basic failure and solutions by checking parts.

A natural and unavoidable result of engine working is oil pollution resulting from by-product burning. The additive combination can improve lubricating performance of engine oil and can delay the service life of engine oil. The current used additive combination can lead to pounds of pollutants, which are distributed in lubricating oil. In normal operation, these microscopic particles can easily pass through lubricating oil filter. These particles keep a harmless suspension state and are discharged periodically during oil change.

The following conditions may cause blockage of engine oil filter :

Excessive oil pollution

When the additive combination reaches the limit, microscopic particles will clot and subside and block the filter. When the filter is blocked, a large amount of loose oil pollutants will precipitate. The reasons include excessive penetration rate and overlong oil pumping interval.

Decrease of dispersing power

Condensation of water or permeation of cooling agent will decrease the dispersing power. The carbon black will exude and form bright and compact sediment, which blocks the filter. Water may also form “waves” in parts of plaited paper filter.

Sediment of additives

Another sign of condensation or permeation of cooling agent failure is sediment of additives. The blocked filter presents evident grey and undulatory folds.

Formation of gel

Lubricating oil provided by large oil storages is often polluted by water and forms gel. If water concentration is over 0.5%, the additive combination will form precipitate. The blocked filter is clean in appearance, but has evident undulatory folds.


When oxide is accumulated to a certain extent and lubricating oil cannot dissolve it, it will result in oxidative blockage. The common reasons include over-temperature of working engine or wrong formula of lubricating oil. The blocked filter is red. High-temperature oxidation will also generate smelly smell.

Wear particles and wear metal

This is not a common reason for filter blockage. But if there is large wear particle and/or evident wear metal in the filter, it indicates that the engine is being severely worn or there is failure in main parts.

For some users, the method to solve these problems is to change it into a low-frequency filter. But if low strength medium (filter paper) in the low-frequency filter cannot be used, another problem will occur (aggressive wear of engine).

What is much worse is that you will realize this point only when the engine is severely damaged.


Just like what is said above “most people realize this only when the engine is severely damaged!” and it is too late. So we should pay attention to filter cleaner to assure “healthy condition” of engine.

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