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Steel Piston Being Popular in Europe


Steel Piston Being Popular in Europe


According to foreign reports, a new generation of steel piston is being favored in Europe diesel vehicles.

Many companies including Mahle pointed out that steel piston can make the emission amount decline by 3% to 5% compared with traditional piston and it can also provide the best fuel efficiency. NEDC working condition detection of European Union showed that compared with aluminium piston, Mahle piston can save 3% fuel. Steel piston also has significant potential in reducing emission of carbon dioxide by reducing friction loss and improving thermodynamics.

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One of the important factors that enable steel piston to have these advantages is the size: the steel piston is shorter. Steel piston is harder than aluminium piston, so the steel piston can finish the work of same load in a shorter length.

Alexander Sagel, the division principle of German Rheinmetall Automotive, pointed out that till now, there are few companies that use steel piston, but many companies are exploring this concept. Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTec V6 diesel engine began to use steel piston since 2014.

At the beginning of 2016, Benz added four-cylinder diesel engine with steel piston in Europe market and used in Benz E level car of diesel engine version.

The needs for steel piston are still increasing. The company that supplies steel piston said that they have received an order from another luxury car brand and this batch of steel pistons will be used in six-cylinder diesel engine. The production of these steel pistons will be started in 2019. It is learned that this brand has never used steel pistons before.

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