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Steel Piston Needs in China will Increase Largely


Steel Piston Needs in China will Increase Largely


The promotion and great development of a series of international advanced key parts techniques including high pressure common rail, turbocharging, post-processing techniques present some regularity, so is piston - the key parts of engine.

steel piston China

In North America, most of the heavy duty diesel engines have used all-steel piston while in Europe, the next generation of passenger vehicle light duty diesel engine is also switching to all-steel piston in large volumes. On April 11, Liu Shiying, general manager assistant of Shandong Binzhou Piston Co.,Ltd said to the journalist: in view of the fact that China will release CN6 emission regulations around 2020, the distance between China heavy duty diesel engines and foreign ones will becoming smaller and smaller, although China still has way to go in reliability, target and emission. With the continuous improvement of enhancement indexes of heavy duty diesel engine, the use of advanced forged steel piston in heavy dusty diesel engine will be a trend. Norbert Schneider, global application chief engineer of Huimen power assembly heavy dusty vehicle/energy, industry and transport piston, considered that Chinese heavy dusty diesel engine market will need steel piston since the release of CN5 and in 2022, steel piston may see an explosive increase in China and the demands for it may reach 2,000,000 pieces.

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