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Connecting Rod for Buses & Trucks, Marine Compressors, Earth Movers, Tractors:  

Mercedes Benz, Volve, Hino, Leyland and Renault; Caterpillar, Komatsu and Cummins; Perkins, Detua, John Deere, Ford, Fiat, Steyr and UTB etc. 

Connecting Rod for Perkins Engine:

Connecting Rod for Mitsubishi Engine:

Mitsubishi 4D30, 4D31, 4D32, 4D33, 4D35, NM130, NM180, NM75, ND130, GA70, 4G64SA, 4D55/4D56/D4BA, D4BB, S4S 


Connecting Rod for Komatsu Engine:

4D95, 4D92, 4D94, S6D95-5, S6D95-6, S6D102-7795, S6D102-0187, S6D102-8673, S6D105, S6D105, S6D107,S6D107+0.5,S6D108, S6D110, S6D125, S6D125, PC400-5, S6D125 PC400-6, S6D155, 6D105

Connecting Rod for Isuzu Engine:
4BA1, 4BC1, 4BC2, 4BE1, 4DB1, 4DR5, 4JA1, 4JB1, 6BG1, C233 ISUZU Piston Manufacturer Supplier in China 

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