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  • Analysis of Connecting Rod Failure Causes


    In 2014, the quantity of accepted returned Connecting Rods from Laidong Engine Factory is as follows: eccentric wear of copper bush: 4 fracture of copper bush: 3 breakage of Connecting Rod bolt: 2 Appearance: eccentric wear of copper bush Possible reasons: The parallelism depth of the Connecting Rod small end hole axis and the big end hole axis is not good. The cylindricity of the Connecting ...

  • Human Factors of Engine Piston Perforation


    Someone mentioned “engine piston perforation” occurred in Tianlong truck. Many people know that the current engine reinforcement is very high and the current Renault engine that is applied in Tianlong truck already adopted discriptors articulated piston with steel head and aluminium skirt. But the steel head piston is still perforated, what is the reason? From the picture, we can see that the stee...

  • The Reasons of blockage of engine oil filter


    The so-called premature blockage of oil filter is a sign of failure in an engine. In this case, the filter itself is an important diagnosis tool. You can see basic failure and solutions by checking parts. A natural and unavoidable result of engine working is oil pollution resulting from by-product burning. The additive combination can improve lubricating performance of engine oil and can delay the...

  • Role of Piston


    Piston is the “heart” of engine and bears mechanical load and thermal load of alternation, so it is one of the key parts in engine that runs in the worst condition. The role of piston is to bear gas pressure and transfers it to connecting rod via piston pin to drive bent axle. The piston top is also the part of the combustion chamber. Piston works under high temperature, high pressure, high speed ...

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