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Cummins: transferring from diesel engine provider to power system solution

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Cummins: transferring from diesel engine provider to power system solution


The continuous trend of zero emission in global market causes diversification of the power supply in commercial and industrial vehicle market, In order to meet clients various requirements for power supply, Cummins announced that they will release first electric power system in 2019 and found an internal innovation department named Digital Accelerator.

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Cummins Announced that They Will Release First Electric Power System in 2019

Cummins will become the leading provider of electric power system in commercial and industrial vehicle market, Julie Furber, director of Cummins electric power system, said, we will provide complete electric power system solution and some key parts that have the biggest influence on performance, quality and power system, thus creating the biggest value for our clients.

Besides electric power system, Cummins is also researching and developing more digital techniques to enhance core competence of the company. The remote information processing technique has been applied in diesel engine for several years, but the popularization of digital monitoring system has further improved the needs for data protection and analysis. Under this background, Cummins has founded “Digital Accelerator” to carry out commercial operation of accelerating digital concept, which is led by SherryAaholm.

The company will increase input in research and development and put more new techniques into the market. Besides, Cummins is also researching into alternative energy technologies including proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Cummins has begun cooperating with Software to test the feasibility of applying fuel battery power in Seattle data center. With estimation, Software considered that it will double the current power efficiency of cloud computation.

In future, Cummins will continuously expand power products and provide the most suitable solution in accordance with the specific needs of clients, but not limited to natural gas, fuel battery, electric system or diesel power system. Cummins will focus on global clients various requirements for power supply and try to be the leader of commercial and industrial market. It is transferring from a traditional manufacturer of diesel engine to a global leading provider of power system solutions.

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