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  • Top 30 Auto Parts Enterprises in China in 2022

    Top 30 Auto Parts Enterprises in China in 2022


    Recently, the China Automobile Industry Association released the list of the top 30 auto parts enterprises in China in 2022, as follows. Serial Number - Enterprise Name - Revenue from Parts Business in 2021 (100 million Yuan) 1-Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd-2610.36 2 - Huayu Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. - 1399.44 3-Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. - 914.91 4-Wanxiang Group Company-817.77 5-Ningbo Junsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. -450.21 6 - Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. - 382.85 7 - GAC Parts Co., Ltd. - 365.89 8-AVIC Automotive Systems Holding Co., Ltd. - 315.8 9-Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.-302.86 10 United Auto Electronics Co., Ltd. - 262.93 11 CITIC Daika Co., Ltd. - 260.93 12-Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.-213.8 13 - Changchun FAW Fuwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. - 205.37 14 Honeycomb Yichuang Technology Co., Ltd. - 200.68 15-Wanfeng Aote Holding Group Co., Ltd. - 197.91 16 Dongfeng Auto Parts (Group) Co., Ltd. -194.97 17 - Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. - 185.79 18 - North Lingyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. - 185.6 19 Ningbo Huaxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. -175.88 20 Jingcheng Engineering Automobile System Co., Ltd.-175.69 21 Sailun Group Co., Ltd. - 171.65 22 - Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. - 167.6 23 Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd-162.1 24 Guangxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd-158.73 25 Noble Automotive Systems Co., Ltd-152.52 26 FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine-135.99 27 Anhui Zhongding Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. - 135.8 28 Wuxi Weifu Hi Tech Group Co., Ltd. - 131.84 29 Fuao Auto Parts Co., Ltd-124.49 30 Anhui Huanxin Group Co., Ltd. -113.55

  • Three world records, China Forging leads again!

    Three world records, China Forging leads again!


    At 4:28 a.m. on August 29, 2022, after two months of collaborative efforts, the world's largest special-shaped hydrogenation cylinder forging was successfully manufactured in China CFHI Group. The forging has a diameter of 6.76 meters, creating three records of the largest single weight, diameter and wall thickness of the world's special-shaped hydrogenation cylinder forging. It highlights the continuous technological innovation ability of China CFHI and also marks that Sinopec's extreme manufacturing capacity of equipment once again leads the world. With the gradual increase of the monomer capacity of petrochemical vessel equipment, the lightweight design of reactor has become the mainstream trend. The super large cone forging successfully manufactured this time is the key development equipment of Sinopec and is also the first application of this design in the manufacturing of forged and welded vessels in the petrochemical industry. To adopt this technical route, it is necessary to break through the integrated manufacturing of super large size and super heavy cone-shaped cylinder. In the face of broad market prospects, the Tianjin R & D center of China First Heavy Industry Corporation has carefully set up a scientific research team, relying on the manufacturing experience of nuclear power cone-shaped cylinder, to carry out scientific research on the super special-shaped cone forging in this project. We independently developed and designed special forging forming tooling and auxiliary tools, and developed the all fiber near net forming limit forging technology for super special-shaped cone-shaped cylinder forgings, which created a number of new technological pioneers, such as the preparation of super large wall thickness special-shaped cylinder reaming blank, the accurate control of super large diameter special-shaped cylinder section tire die forging reaming wall thickness, and the synchronous deformation control at both ends of super thick special-shaped cone forgings. The successful manufacture of this forging has given China CFHI a market lead in the field of lightweight design and manufacturing of hydrogenation vessels and further led the international heavy Petrochemical vessel manufacturing industry.

  • 2022 forging automation and information technology seminar opened

    2022 forging automation and information technology seminar opened


    China Forging and pressing network 2022-07-20 13:55 published in Beijing On July 20, the "2022 forging automation and information technology seminar" hosted by China Forging and pressing Association opened in Shaoxing International Hotel, Zhejiang Province! Nearly 300 well-known forging experts from home and abroad gathered together with enterprise elites to participate in the grand event, with the theme of "deconstructing new technology, improving matching, enabling new development" as the theme to speak freely and have in-depth exchanges. Mr. hanmulin, vice president of China Forging Association, attended and delivered an opening speech Pictures of the meeting site Cooperate With Yida Forging Company for Your Next Project. Many companies prefer to buy forgings products from China. But you may find that few Chinese manufacturers can provide the expected high-quality forging products. Yida is a leading forging company in China, with internal molds in the company. In order to provide customers with high-quality products, we are equipped with a large number of advanced production equipment (up to 2500 tons) and sufficient quality testing instruments (hardness tester, Spectrograph and CMM etc). We have passed ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification. In 2017, we obtained the latest IATF16949:2016 quality system certification. We start supplying OEM quality forging parts to the World Top 500 Company in 2021 year.

  • Perkins Released Free APP for Chinese Engine Users

    Perkins Released Free APP for Chinese Engine Users


    Perkins announced that they released new mobile phone software (APP) that is free and specially designed for Chinese users, with which they can rapidly acquire the latest information about their Perkins engine and contact with nearby Perkins agent to acquire maintenance service and support. Perkins My Engine App loading page Perkins® My Engine APP will be released at the end of this year and users can register their Perkins engine on this software and check operation and maintenance manual and parts manual online. This APP can also store maintenance records for users and enable users to contact with nearby Perkins agency through location function. Michael Wright, general manager of Perkins After-Sales-Market, said: “all users that already purchased equipped Perkins engine can download this APP for free. All this time, we provide full service and support via a giant network that is formed by quality agencies and this new tool has definitely enhanced our capacity of this aspect.” Since its release in March this year, English version of Perkins® My Engine has enabled thousands of Perkins engine owners to acquire engine information without paying anything.

  • John Deere 6J Series High-powered Tractors

    John Deere 6J Series High-powered Tractors


    Recently, John Deere launched 6J Series High-powered Tractors, which have strong power, high torque reserve, low oil consumption and have excellent performance in soil environment of large specific resistance. Hereby, we will see how excellent 6J Series High-powered Tractors are. I. Strong Power John Deere 6J Series High-powered Tractors are equipped with cold 6 cylinder turbocharged engine in 6.8 liter high-pressure common-rail, with strong power, high torque reserve, low oil consumption, and they have excellent performance in soil environment of large specific resistance. II. All-steel car-frame integrated design The unique all-steel car-frame integrated design by John Deere can make the car-frame bear the pressure and effectively protect key parts. The weight distribution of the tractor is more reasonable and it is of higher reliability. III. Power Shifting With advanced 16x16 power shifting PowrQuad gearbox and PermaClutchII hydraulic clutch, the driver can easily finish block shifting and front-back reversing, without stepping on the clutch. IV. Large fuel tank The large fuel tank (372 liter) can enable the tractor to continuously work for 16 hours.

  • Cummins: transferring from diesel engine provider to power system solution

    Cummins: transferring from diesel engine provider to power system solution


    The continuous trend of “zero emission” in global market causes diversification of the power supply in commercial and industrial vehicle market, In order to meet clients’ various requirements for power supply, Cummins announced that they will release first electric power system in 2019 and found an internal innovation department named Digital Accelerator. Cummins Announced that They Will Release First Electric Power System in 2019 “Cummins will become the leading provider of electric power system in commercial and industrial vehicle market,” Julie Furber, director of Cummins electric power system, said, “we will provide complete electric power system solution and some key parts that have the biggest influence on performance, quality and power system, thus creating the biggest value for our clients.” Besides electric power system, Cummins is also researching and developing more digital techniques to enhance core competence of the company. The remote information processing technique has been applied in diesel engine for several years, but the popularization of digital monitoring system has further improved the needs for data protection and analysis. Under this background, Cummins has founded “Digital Accelerator” to carry out commercial operation of accelerating digital concept, which is led by SherryAaholm. The company will increase input in research and development and put more new techniques into the market. Besides, Cummins is also researching into alternative energy technologies including proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Cummins has begun cooperating with Software to test the feasibility of applying fuel battery power in Seattle data center. With estimation, Software considered that it will double the current power efficiency of “cloud computation”. In future, Cummins will continuously expand power products and provide the most suitable solution in accordance with the specific needs of clients, but not limited to natural gas, fuel battery, electric system or diesel power system. Cummins will focus on global clients’ various requirements for power supply and try to be the leader of commercial and industrial market. It is transferring from a traditional manufacturer of diesel engine to a global leading provider of power system solutions.

  • Five Hundred Chinese Engines Exported to the United States, Three New Technology in Global Leading Position

    Five Hundred Chinese Engines Exported to the United States, Three New Technology in Global Leading Position


    The first batch of 500 engines of “independently developed electronic control system”, produced by Chery, has been exported for American market. The “core control brain” of this batch of engines, ECU electric control system, was developed by Qirui independently and it has broken the long-term monopoly of foreign techniques. This is the first time that Chinese engines are exported to the United States, which means that Chinese engine technique and manufacture has reached top level of world. In fact, as early as June 6th, Qirui launched ACTECO Third Engines in its head office, Wuhu city, Anhui province and it mainly promoted 1.0T, 1.2T and 1.6T, with thermal efficiency over 37%, reaching Europe 6C and National 6 emission standard. At that time, Hong Kong media made relevant estimations. The introduction of third high performance engine of Qirui is highly valued by European and American countries and some motor manufacturers are considering importing this engine in an appropriate way. Imported automobiles may install Chinese engine, reported by Hong Kong Commercial Daily.

  • Thousands of Export Diesel Engine Parts Involved Infringement of Weichai Trademark

    Thousands of Export Diesel Engine Parts Involved Infringement of Weichai Trademark


    A few days ago, 1310 diesel engine parts from one company in Shandong province that were declared for export to one country in Africa were suspected of being involved Infringement of “WEICHAI” Trademark and were seized by Huangdao customs. This is also the first infringement case since Qingdao custom carried out “Long Teng” action in September 1. On October 11, custom officers of Huangdao custom found that a batch of diesel engine parts from one company in Shandong province that were declared for export to one country in Africa used “WEICHAI” trademark during their inspection on goods. After being confirmed by the trademark oblige, 1310 goods were suspected of being involved Infringement of Trademark. The owner of “WEICHAI” trademark is Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd, one of the key enterprises in national custom “Long Teng” action, and it is also the first first infringement case since Qingdao custom carried out “Long Teng” action.

  • Top One Hundred Global Suppliers of Auto Parts: Five Chinese Enterprises in the List

    Top One Hundred Global Suppliers of Auto Parts: Five Chinese Enterprises in the List


    Automotive News has published the 2017 edition of top one hundred global suppliers of auto parts. Bosch, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Magna International Inc. ranked top three and five Chinese enterprises are on the list, with Yanfeng ranking 14th. Automotive News started sorting out global suppliers of auto parts since 2004 and has published 13 lists. It ranks suppliers according to their annual operating income (sale) in auto aftermarket last year. In the list of this year, Bosch still ranked number one and retained the title since 2011, only being surpassed by Denso in 2010. The matching business of Bosch in 2016 is 46.5 billion dollars. ZF Friedrichshafen AG ranked the second while Denso dropped to the forth. Magna still ranked the third and Continental AG dropped to the fifth. The rest enterprises of top 15 are Aisin Seiki, Hyundai Mobis, Faurecia, Lear, Valeo, Adient, Delphi, Yazaki, Yanfeng and Sumitomo electric. The one hundred enterprises on the list are from 17 countries and regions in the world; 28 enterprises are from Japan, ranking the first; 22 enterprises are from the United States, ranking the second; 17 enterprises are from Germany, ranking the third. Besides, 6 Korea enterprises, 4 French enterprises and 5 Canadian enterprises are on the list. There are five Chinese enterprises that enter the list. Sweden, Spain, Mexico have two enterprises on the list and India, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland have one enterprises on the list. Five Chinese Enterprises are on the list, creating the best result over the years The number of Chinese enterprises also reached the largest, with five enterprises on the list, which are Yanfeng (14th), Inalfa (66th), Dicastal (71th), Johnson electric (81th) and Minth (93th). Inalfa, Johnson electric and Minth are their first time on the list and Inalfa ranked 66th with annual income of 3.137 billion dollars. Dicastal ranked 71.

  • Analysis of Kobe Steel Scandal Root by Japan Media

    Analysis of Kobe Steel Scandal Root by Japan Media


    On October 18, 2017, Japan media reported that the scandal of Kobe Steel’s Falsified Data reverberated throughout the nation and also made a big blow to the reputation of Japan manufacturing, which was thought as the “root of the country”. One severity of this Kobe Steel Scandal is long term collective falsification, said local reports. Facts have proved that Kobe Steel Scandal is not an accidental problem. Data fabrication that involved staff even including leaders has lasted for years and many staff has given tacit consent to this problem. Even senior management staff had to admit that data fabrication was not done by others, but had been known by senior managers. It can be seen that self-discipline, self-purification and self-rectification ability that had been proud of by Japan manufacturing industry is being severely tested. Dropping from being flattered as “Japan No. 1” to economic downturn that lasts for over 20 years has been a heavy blow to Japanese. Since collapse of bubble economy in 1992, Japan has been going through “lost 20 years”. During this long period, there is hardly any increase in salary of Japanese, but there is a drop in standard of living. Therefore, the morale of the troops is sinking lower and professional ethics is falling. Responsibility and passion for the company are not as much as before and many problems occur now. Under this background, to maintain the successful image of enterprise and products has become an essential objective for many enterprises. Therefore, no matter data fabrication of product quality or financial data fabrication, their common point is to make a false successful image. It is also reported that with the improvement of Chinese products, the leading space of Japan is being narrowed and the anxiety generated in this environment further triggers the needs for strengthening and maintaining successful image. When it cannot be achieved in practice, it begins to make data fabrication.

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