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Perkins Released Free APP for Chinese Engine Users

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Perkins Released Free APP for Chinese Engine Users


Perkins announced that they released new mobile phone software (APP) that is free and specially designed for Chinese users, with which they can rapidly acquire the latest information about their Perkins engine and contact with nearby Perkins agent to acquire maintenance service and support.

Perkins engine China

Perkins My Engine App loading page

Perkins® My Engine APP will be released at the end of this year and users can register their Perkins engine on this software and check operation and maintenance manual and parts manual online.

This APP can also store maintenance records for users and enable users to contact with nearby Perkins agency through location function.

Michael Wright, general manager of Perkins After-Sales-Market, said:all users that already purchased equipped Perkins engine can download this APP for free. All this time, we provide full service and support via a giant network that is formed by quality agencies and this new tool has definitely enhanced our capacity of this aspect.

Since its release in March this year, English version of Perkins® My Engine has enabled thousands of Perkins engine owners to acquire engine information without paying anything.

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